About me:
My interest for photography began the winter of '96, when I saw an episode on the Oprah Winfrey show. One of the guests was Anne Geddes. I was deeply impressed, that she could create such lovely photographies. I bought a camera the following day and began to photograph everything I saw.

Most of the times I'm told that my photographies not only have a wonderful and different tone, but what distinguish the most in my photos is how at ease the children look.

My main interest is photographing young children. Too me they are so fragile and at the same time they don't know what's ahead of them in life. But it doesn't seem that they care either.

I have used both analogue and digital cameras, but I noticed that the use of a large format camera really improves my images. Not by giving more detailed or less grained photos, but it forces me to work much slower and hence the images are more thoughtful.

Everytime I put the large-format camera in front of the children I'm stunned how they can sit totally still, which is absolutely necessary when being portraited by a huge camera. But the fun thing is that after I have pressed the shutter, they just run away from the sitting and keep on playing as if nothing has happened. But to me we have just created wonderful art.

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Email: marcus@lellou.com
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The perfect photo should not be remembered just because of a beautiful model, but for the feeling you get when you see the photo...

Photo by Ellen Björling